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Friday Fuel: Nooks, Bings and Cyborg Moths Oh My!

Welcome to Friday Fuel! You may remember me from such posts as “Best Resources for Designers and Developers on Google+” and “Why Mobile Email Optimization Should be a Top Priority” Lets get to it, here’s some awesome things you may have missed this week! Barnes and Noble’s Nook has partnered with Samsung One of the most under… read more →

Myrtle Beach Industry Overview: July 2014

This blog used data from 56 Myrtle Beach area hotels and resorts show industry averages and trends. Overall this month was pretty uneventful as far as any out of the ordinary events. This month, all KPI’s are either up or even with last year. The largest increase was seen in the overall revenue which increased 22.16% and $2,246,920. Orders and ADR also… read more →

Friday Fuel: The Robot Sharknado Edition

It’s Friday, and that means one thing at the Fuel office! Well, a few things, actually. Aside from pizza for lunch, post-pizza naps, and maybe an afternoon beer, Friday also marks our weekly tech roundup. Let’s get to it:   Can’t Wait to See Those Robot Chicks Play Volleyball  This tech nerd dream might become a reality at the 2020… read more →

Around the Analytics World July Wrap-up

Increase Your Site Conversions With the Right Color Be sure to use the right colors on your website to attract the proper audience. Different colors reflect different feelings. Know who you are trying to target and what colors you should use to get the most conversions from your website. Read the whole articles on ClickZ here.   3 Common A/B Testing Mistakes… read more →

Friday Fuel: In-App Purchases, New SHIELD Tablet, How Adblock Can Protect You, and More

It’s Not Free If You’re Buying Something in the Game   Google has agreed to add more protection so that children will stop racking up charges on their parents credit cards by buying in app purchases. By the end of September games won’t be advertised as “free” when they have in-app purchases, and the apps will require payment… read more →

Friday Fuel: Google+ Gets Better, Microsoft’s Nokia Changes, Amazon Releases, Tesla’s Reveal & More!

For every one person who likes Google+, there are 100 that were forced into it thanks to YouTube. Worse yet, you could not use an alias; Google+ required you to use your real name. Well, after three years, they removed that stipulation. Now you can go back to being a super-racist bigot while maintaining your veil of anonymity on YouTube. At the end of the day, isn&… read more →

Are You CASL Compliant?

If you are not already aware, there have been significant updates to the CAN-SPAM laws, specifically CASL - the Canadian Anti Spam Law that took effect on July 1, 2014. However the private right of action part of it (allowing subscribers to sue) won't be in effect until July 2017. The biggest change is the previous practice of pre-checked&… read more →

Friday Fuel – Google, Amazon, and the Worlds Largest Flying Bird

Authorship Photo Removal Helps Paid Ads Last week’s Friday Fuel mentioned Google removing authorship photos from SERPs. This week Larry Kim posted his findings on Wordstream about how this removal impacts CTR for other SERP elements. In this analysis Larry looked at SERPs that contained both authorship and paid ads. His findings show that after authorship… read more →

Myrtle Beach Industry Overview: June 2014

By now you are probably familiar with this monthly update of the Myrtle Beach travel industry so let’s get started. This month, all of the KPI’s have seen an increase except for ADR. Orders are up 16.36% which is 2,374 bookings, while revenue is up 18.27% ($2,158,513). The booking window has increased by 3 days; while the average number of nights booked… read more →

4th of July Fireworks Photography Guide

After the pool, the beach time, and the decadent Independence Day cook outs comes evening and that means one thing this time of year: fireworks! 4th of July is a great holiday where Americans celebrate by blowing up as much of their country as they can. Taking pictures to remember fireworks, however, can be a really tricky task. Blurry photos, &… read more →

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