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Around the Analytics World February Wrap-up

6 Things You Need to Know Before You Start A/B Testing There are many things you should keep in mind before starting any A/B test. One of the most important things is to not make any assumptions. Still make a hypothesis or guesses on what you think will bring in the most conversions, but don’t automatically assume. To read the 6 most important things to know… read more →

Friday Fuel: Hotel Robot Staff, Towel Crime Fighting, and Rent your own Island!

Well, Happy Friday everybody! We hope everyone had a great week and have some plans to make a great weekend happen. On this Week’s Friday Fuel, we have a collection of interesting stories sure to perk up your afternoon!   Have you ever taken anything from a Hotel Room? ...We're not talking about those little soaps and shampoos. We're … read more →

Friday Fuel: OTA Takeovers & Movie Makeovers

Friday is finally upon us – check out the latest and greatest in the travel and tech industries:   Amazon Local Travel is a Thing, Apparently Though the retail giant did make a pretty big deal about the rollout of their new “Amazon Travel” website, they have been relatively quiet about the new “Amazon Local Travel” feature… read more →

The Southeast’s Most Romantic Travel Destinations

Another Valentine's Day is closing in which often means flowers, chocolate, and all the other typical sappy stuff. But, why not do something different this year and take your partner on an adventure? A Valentine's Day weekend getaway will surely create lasting memories far greater than an empty box of chocolate or dead… read more →

Friday Fuel: 50 Shades of Awesome

Our Friday Fuel roundup is 50 Shades of Awesome this week - check it out: 50 Shades of Marketing Opportunities Females around the globe are chomping at the bit to see what is being (arguably) considered one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. As disappointing as the movie will probably be, some boyfriends and husbands might be in for the long haul as… read more →

Around the Analytics World January Wrap-up

The Things I Look for in an Analyst There are many things you must look for when hiring an analyst. You will want to not only make sure that they have good written/verbal communications skills, be detail oriented, but also be a story teller. They must be comfortable with the data and be able to present it well and able to argue if they have evidence in the data. Go… read more →

Friday Fuel: Release the WiFi, Meet Castro, and 7 more exciting links!

Hey Hotels, Leave my WiFi alone! So a while back, Marriott got busted by the feds for block personal WiFi stations, now they are clarifying things and putting a warning out there for other hotels that they are going to come down hard on hotels and resort properties that block personal WiFi Why would Marriott want to block such things? Money. They were charging an… read more →

The Basics to Facebook Advertising

Now that you have mastered the basics to Hotel Facebook Marketing, it’s time to take your social media campaigns to the next level with Facebook ads. Facebook ads come in many shapes and sizes and are designed to achieve different goals, many of which align nicely to a hotel marketing campaign. Before you get started, it’s important to have a solid… read more →

Facebook Marketing For Hotels

Gone are the days where you have to explain to Grandma what this whole “Book Face Thing” is. It’s 2015 and Facebook, in its over ten year lifespan, has managed to become the most widely recognized and utilized social media platform in existence. Though there has been much speculation in recent years over the alleged demographic shift, there’s… read more →

Friday Fuel: Better Late Than Never Edition

This week's Friday Fuel includes plenty of good info for you lovers of all things travel and tech related. Wait, what? It's already Monday?! Whoops. Oh well, better late than never. We are already behind schedule, so let's get to it: Google Translate Makes Life Easier For The Lazy Traveler Traveling abroad has never been easier thanks to a new Google… read more →

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