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The Hotel SERP Real Estate Game

With ever changing SERPs and constant algorithm updates, the thought of keeping up with the digital Joneses can be daunting. Hoteliers, in particular, face a special challenge with the roll out of major hotel SERP changes, the introduction of Google Hotels, and the soon to come introduction of even more competition with major players like Amazon entering the OTA game.… read more →

The 2014 Top 5 “Must Have” Techie Gift Guide

Cyber Monday has past and if you've still got shopping to do, it's time to get crackin'.  It seems that some of the toughest people to buy for are those who are the most tech-savvy and know a great gift from a, "really you bought me this piece of junk?" gift.  Do not worry though, here are five great gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a… read more →

Creating Dynamite Emails

Just because something works great in print does not mean that it will work great in an email. The digital world is vastly different from the hard copy world of print. Creating an email that can capture a user in only 8 seconds is critical because that is exactly the amount of time it takes for the brain to decide to either “love it” or “leave it&… read more →

Amazon’s OTA, New Hilton & Marriott Fees, and Airbnb Protection Program

Airbnb to Launch Host Protection Program Scheduled to launch in the US on January 15, 2015, Airbnb’s Host Protection Program will insure its hosts and landlords against personal injury suits filed by guests. Airbnb is a company that connects homeowners with those looking for a vacation home, similar to VRBO or HomeAway. Obviously, a personal injury lawsuit… read more →

Internet Marketing Summit 2014 Key Takeaways

The Fueligans have returned from their adventures at the Internet Summit 2014 and have come back with several key takeaways. Marketing trends, particularly in the digital space, are continuing to emerge and evolve and it is our job to stay up to date with the latest and greatest and use this information to better our clients. Take a look at our Top 3 Takeaways from… read more →

Google Removes Local Carousel For Hotels

In June 2013, Google launched their Local Carousel. This big, black horizontal bar filled with images and star ratings appearing across the top of search results had definitely changed the game for hotels, restaurants and other local businesses. Now, a year and a half later, Google is eliminating the Local Carousel and replacing it with a 3-pack of listings.… read more →

Friday Fuel: Tinder for Hotels, Nano-Robot Scallops, and Virtual Balconies at Sea

Hey everybody, Fun stuff this friday, we’ve got Tinder for Hotels, Virtual Balconies, Gold Apple watches, and a whole lot more. So strap in, its time to take a ride on the Friday Fuel Train! First up, heard of the Tinder App? Its a dating app…or rather a hookup type app for finding folks that your uhm, compatibility with. Now, there’s HelloTel, a… read more →

Myrtle Beach Industry Overview: September 2014

Comparing September of this to lasts, all KPI’s are up. Orders increased 5.8%, revenue 11.8% and ADR by 2.48%. . Booking Window During the month of September the 31-60 and 91-120 day range became a more popular booking window group. The 31-60 day range increased from 14.4% of orders to 16.4% while the 91-120 day range increased from 1.6% to 2.0%.… read more →

Friday Fuel - The Do’s and Don’ts of 2015, Hilton Rebrands Itself, TripAdvisor & Moon Travel

Hotel Technology in 2015: The Do’s and Don’ts Some things are obvious in the hotel industry, make sure the rooms are clean, everything is in working order and the staff is happy and helpful. Those things are a given but what about the not so obvious things, the thing that you wouldn’t think about.  Attached is a link that contains a… read more →

Is your Resort Talking to its Guests?

Talking Resorts? Hotels that rise up and talk to humans? Don’t worry folks, I haven’t gone crazy (yet), but have you looked at what your resort or vacation property is saying to its guests? Its a good idea to listen, because what your resort is saying is important and crucial for success. Everyone knows first impressions are huge; creating the… read more →

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