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Myrtle Beach Industry Overview: August 2014

This month, the beach as a whole had 3,091(10.99%) more orders, and brought in $2,246,920 (11.16%) more revenue. Additionally the average daily rate also increased by $1.18 while the length of stay remained flat. Booking Window During the month of August, longer booking window showed an increase as part of the percent of total and overall. The longest booking… read more →

Friday Fuel: Robo Butlers, Chilly Cruise Ships, and Windows 9

Greetings All! I'm back, fresh from my award winning, critically acclaimed Friday Fuel, "Nooks, Bings and Cyborg Moths", this week I've got some really interesting things on tap. We are going to take a look at the future of vacations and also some exciting news in the technology/science world. Robot Butlers coming to a Hotel Near You? It sounds far… read more →

Friday Fuel: Turn Down For Tech

It’s been an exciting week at the Fuel office and within the tech industry. Our Friday Fuel roundup this week includes lots of social media news, some super cool science stuff, and beer. Got your attention? Good, now read:   You Can Buy Whatever You Like Curalate, a well-known marketing platform, recently rolled out a new ecommerce solution that will… read more →

Around the Analytics World August Wrap-up

Why Choosing the Right Trust Seal Increases eCommerce Conversions There are multiple different trust seals available. Did you know that choosing the right one could increase the trust and conversions on your site? Which trust seal do you use? Is it rated #1 by your customers? To find out read the whole blog on The Daily Egg.   6 Urgency Techniques To Increase… read more →

Friday Fuel: Amazon Twitched, Apple Teases, and China Levels Up

Earlier in the weeks there was a lot of speculation that video game streaming site Twitch.tv was on the verge of being purchased by Google. Well Twitch CEO Emmett Shear surprised everyone this week by releasing an official statement detailing Amazon, not Google,had made a deal to acquire Twitch. If you’re unfamiliar with Twitch, it’s a service that allows viewers to watch video games being played... read more →

Friday Fuel: Nooks, Bings and Cyborg Moths Oh My!

Welcome to Friday Fuel! You may remember me from such posts as “Best Resources for Designers and Developers on Google+” and “Why Mobile Email Optimization Should be a Top Priority” Lets get to it, here’s some awesome things you may have missed this week! Barnes and Noble’s Nook has partnered with Samsung One of the most under… read more →

Myrtle Beach Industry Overview: July 2014

This blog used data from 56 Myrtle Beach area hotels and resorts show industry averages and trends. Overall this month was pretty uneventful as far as any out of the ordinary events. This month, all KPI’s are either up or even with last year. The largest increase was seen in the overall revenue which increased 22.16% and $2,246,920. Orders and ADR also… read more →

Friday Fuel: The Robot Sharknado Edition

It’s Friday, and that means one thing at the Fuel office! Well, a few things, actually. Aside from pizza for lunch, post-pizza naps, and maybe an afternoon beer, Friday also marks our weekly tech roundup. Let’s get to it:   Can’t Wait to See Those Robot Chicks Play Volleyball  This tech nerd dream might become a reality at the 2020… read more →

Around the Analytics World July Wrap-up

Increase Your Site Conversions With the Right Color Be sure to use the right colors on your website to attract the proper audience. Different colors reflect different feelings. Know who you are trying to target and what colors you should use to get the most conversions from your website. Read the whole articles on ClickZ here.   3 Common A/B Testing Mistakes… read more →

Friday Fuel: In-App Purchases, New SHIELD Tablet, How Adblock Can Protect You, and More

It’s Not Free If You’re Buying Something in the Game   Google has agreed to add more protection so that children will stop racking up charges on their parents credit cards by buying in app purchases. By the end of September games won’t be advertised as “free” when they have in-app purchases, and the apps will require payment… read more →

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