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Running a Refer a Friend Email Program

If run correctly, refer a friend programs have the ability to grow lists and generate more revenue while maintaining the generation of interested subscribers. read more →

Friday Fuel: Easter Weekend Edition

US Bare-ways (I just couldn’t help myself) I assume that anyone who works near a computer or tv has heard all about the US Airlines tweet heard round the world that was so totally not safe for work. If you happen to live under a rock or you gave up the internets for Lent then here’s a recap. WARNING to any of you about to Google- I seriously meant it… read more →

Friday Fuel: Star Wars Weapons, 3D Printing, Google Announcements and Much More.

From 3D printing to Google announcements to Star Wars inspired weapons (no, it's not a lightsaber), so much is happening this week. Sit down, preferably with pizza, and read a jam packed Friday Fuel.    Let’s start with the Facebook Messenger. Facebook announced that the only way to message people via mobile will have to be through their… read more →

Cart Abandonment Email Strategies

Cart abandonment emails have the potential to be highest ROI driver for an email campaign since they are engaging with subscribers that have not only already shown interest in the brand, but also a specific good or service. Once the user enters their email address on the site, we have the ability to follow them throughout the site and see what item or items they have added to their cart, but failed to purchase. read more →

Explain Like I’m 5: The OpenSSL / Heartbleed Bug

What's OpenSSL? What's Heartbleed? What's all this mean and what should I do? read more →

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Console – An In-Depth Look

In addition to the April 2nd announcement of the Amazon Fire TV, Amazon announced its own game studio. The cleverly named Amazon Game Studios has released one game as a launch title, Sev Zero, and has given us a sneak peek at what we can expect to see in the near future. In addition to the original titles that are being created, Amazon has been able to port over… read more →

Friday Fuel: Amazon Announcement, Google+ Changes, Start Button Returns, April Tomfoolery & More!

This week was huge for announcements, both real and fake. With April Fools pranks becoming larger and larger, if you really want to inform the public, don’t announce anything April 1st. With the teasers and rumors with the gaming controller, everyone speculated that Amazon would announce a set-top box of sorts. Sure enough, at the 8am PDT conference, Peter… read more →

Amazon Fire TV Unboxing & Initial Review

At 11am EDT on Wednesday, Amazon made its big announcement that everyone was waiting for. As many anticipated, it was a device meant to give Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast a little more competition, available immediately for the price of $99.99 – The Amazon Fire TV. After a lunch of discussion and an unproductive afternoon wondering whether I should get it and… read more →

Taco Bell’s Social Media Team Should Rule the World

A funny thing happened to me last night and as a social media manager, I felt compelled to share it with the world. Also, I feel like kind of a big deal. As with the majority of the country, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was on last night on multiple tvs throughout the house. Then came the best Taco Bell commercial I've seen since that stupid… read more →

Friday Fuel: The Waffle Taco Edition

It's Friday and you know what that means - It's time for the weekly Friday Fuel Roundup. See what's making news (or at least what we consider news worthy)...     It’s Never Too Early To Start Making Terrible Life Choices The much anticipated and somewhat feared Taco Bell Breakfast menu has finally hit the stores and has created… read more →

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