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Is your Resort Talking to its Guests?

Talking Resorts? Hotels that rise up and talk to humans? Don’t worry folks, I haven’t gone crazy (yet), but have you looked at what your resort or vacation property is saying to its guests? Its a good idea to listen, because what your resort is saying is important and crucial for success. Everyone knows first impressions are huge; creating the… read more →

Friday Fuel – Hilton’s Big Sale, Last Minute Bookings, Hotel Reviews & Google News

It’s time for your weekly helping of Friday Fuel. Check out what’s new in the world of travel and hospitality. Google Updates Conversational Search Google recently updated its conversational search on its mobile apps, which could have a real impact on how people find information when they’re out of town. For example, if Google can see in your… read more →

Friday Fuel: Marriot Gets in Trouble & Mobile Payments Gain Momentum

Congratulations! You've made it to Friday! It's almost 5:00 so kick back and absorb some last minute travel / tech related news with this week's Friday Fuel roundup:   One Man’s Online Battle Is Another Man’s Opportunity  Hotel Tonight was developed more out of necessity rather than opportunity, but the new app has found a cozy… read more →

Around the Analytics World September Wrap-up

5+ Ways to Improve Social Media Conversions With so many people spending their time on Social Media these days, it is an absolute MUST to make sure your business is also. With so many possible customers, make sure you are doing the right things to get them to convert. Read the 5+ Tips on The Daily Egg. Marketing Optimization: It All Starts With Data! Data is… read more →

Device Types And How They Are Being Used

The data in this report comes from 33 different Myrtle Beach resorts covering the past 3 years, and will show you the trends of both mobile and desktop users. In addition to long term trends behavioral profile for each using data from the current year is also included.  Overview Mobile Phones Visitors Mobile phones are the fastest growing device… read more →

Friday Fuel: Silence is a luxury, another OTA hits the scene, and Microsoft shows its dongle.

Silence Goes from Golden to Green It seems like a growing trend in luxury resorts today is not to offer pampering spas, or thrilling water features, but to instead offer simply...silence. Leigh Gallagher at Fortune writes of her most recent vacation “[t]here’s not much to do at Parrot Cay—beach, yoga, meditation classes—and our days were… read more →

Friday Fuel - Google Knows What You’re Watching, Data Breaches, And The Tiniest Hotels Ever

Google SERPs Now Showing Results Based on Your TV Viewing Habits Bill Slawski, a man known for following Google patents, just posted that Google was recently given a patent that will allow them to tailor search results based on what youre currently watching on TV. The idea behind the patent is to create more targeted search results. If Google is able to tell what… read more →

Myrtle Beach Industry Overview: August 2014

This month, the beach as a whole had 3,091(10.99%) more orders, and brought in $2,246,920 (11.16%) more revenue. Additionally the average daily rate also increased by $1.18 while the length of stay remained flat. Booking Window During the month of August, longer booking window showed an increase as part of the percent of total and overall. The longest booking… read more →

Friday Fuel: Robo Butlers, Chilly Cruise Ships, and Windows 9

Greetings All! I'm back, fresh from my award winning, critically acclaimed Friday Fuel, "Nooks, Bings and Cyborg Moths", this week I've got some really interesting things on tap. We are going to take a look at the future of vacations and also some exciting news in the technology/science world. Robot Butlers coming to a Hotel Near You? It sounds far… read more →

Friday Fuel: Turn Down For Tech

It’s been an exciting week at the Fuel office and within the tech industry. Our Friday Fuel roundup this week includes lots of social media news, some super cool science stuff, and beer. Got your attention? Good, now read:   You Can Buy Whatever You Like Curalate, a well-known marketing platform, recently rolled out a new ecommerce solution that will… read more →

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