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Friday Fuel: Google+ Gets Better, Microsoft’s Nokia Changes, Amazon Releases, Tesla’s Reveal & More!

For every one person who likes Google+, there are 100 that were forced into it thanks to YouTube. Worse yet, you could not use an alias; Google+ required you to use your real name. Well, after three years, they removed that stipulation. Now you can go back to being a super-racist bigot while maintaining your veil of anonymity on YouTube. At the end of the day, isn&… read more →

Are You CASL Compliant?

If you are not already aware, there have been significant updates to the CAN-SPAM laws, specifically CASL - the Canadian Anti Spam Law that took effect on July 1, 2014. However the private right of action part of it (allowing subscribers to sue) won't be in effect until July 2017. The biggest change is the previous practice of pre-checked&… read more →

Friday Fuel – Google, Amazon, and the Worlds Largest Flying Bird

Authorship Photo Removal Helps Paid Ads Last week’s Friday Fuel mentioned Google removing authorship photos from SERPs. This week Larry Kim posted his findings on Wordstream about how this removal impacts CTR for other SERP elements. In this analysis Larry looked at SERPs that contained both authorship and paid ads. His findings show that after authorship… read more →

Myrtle Beach Industry Overview: June 2014

By now you are probably familiar with this monthly update of the Myrtle Beach travel industry so let’s get started. This month, all of the KPI’s have seen an increase except for ADR. Orders are up 16.36% which is 2,374 bookings, while revenue is up 18.27% ($2,158,513). The booking window has increased by 3 days; while the average number of nights booked… read more →

4th of July Fireworks Photography Guide

After the pool, the beach time, and the decadent Independence Day cook outs comes evening and that means one thing this time of year: fireworks! 4th of July is a great holiday where Americans celebrate by blowing up as much of their country as they can. Taking pictures to remember fireworks, however, can be a really tricky task. Blurry photos, &… read more →

Around the Analytics World June Wrap-up

Digital Analytics: Aliens, Asteroids, Dinosaurs, Vampires, and Zombies As an analyst, you will be required to work with many different people in your organization. This is a great blog that describes some of those people and how to handle them while working with with. Click here for the whole story from ClickZ.   Want Better Conversions? Try Breaking the Rules!… read more →

Friday Fuel: Link Removal in Europe, Package Delivering Drones are Illegal, and More

Google has been announcing all the things this week, with their explanation on Android Wear to new Google Analytics segments. Read on to see what has been going on this week. read more →

Friday Fuel: We Didn’t Start The Fire, The Government Starts To Wake Up, Facebook Shenanigans & More

E-commerce giant, Amazon, is on the verge of pissing Smokey The Bear off with its latest announcement, the Fire Phone. The Fire Phone won’t be running your typical Android, rather it will be running a dedicated Fire OS, commonly seen on the Fire tablet. The specs include 32 or 64GB of storage, a 4.7” 720p display, 2GB of RAM, and a quad-core 2.2GHz… read more →

Friday Fuel - Priceline & OpenTable, Netflix & Verizon, and Google & Virgin

Netflix & Verizon - It’s Complicated Last week we talked about the scuffle between Netflix and Verizon. In short, Netflix was sending it’s customers error messages that blamed poor connection on Verizon rather than themselves. After a cease and desist was sent to Netflix, they have decided that on June 16th they will stop sending those messages&… read more →

Creating a Customized Navigation in Adobe SiteCatalyst

Whether for yourself or for your users, creating a customized navigation can not only simplify the tool for novice users but also create efficiency for advanced users. Customization will allow you to change the hierarchy of the report groups, the reports within those groups, rename folders or reports, and create new folders. Whether for novice or advanced users, a &… read more →

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