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10 Reasons Why SEO Can’t Help Obama

(Note for those who are groggy, hungover, stupid, or have no sense of humor: this list is fake, and possibly offensive, but all offered in jest, not in sincerity, so lighten up or ignore it please!)
Still, some of the points are good wink
And by the way, I'm not a political humor guy- it's a stretch for me... so cut me a break- actually this is more of a subtle commentary on when you do and don't need SEO... ok enough disclaimers!

10 Reasons Why SEO Can't Help Obama

#10. No one can spell his name right, but Google already deals well with with mispellings.

(Yeah that was a misspelling...)




#9. Barack Me Obamadeus ranks higher than his official website.

(not really)




#8. He's on Twitter and FriendFeed, but not on mybloglog.com.  Clearly, he just doesn't get it.




#7. Sexy good looking people don't need SEO.

(Which is why I need it so badly.)



#6. Barack won't be able to rank top ten for "president" in google until/unless he is elected.





#5. Barack already is mentioned in the #1 google result for "presidential candidate".





#4. GOP PPC managers already rank on the first page with ads exposing the "Real Obama". Clearly, he's finished.





#3. His Twitter account is in the top ten results for his name. Everyone know that only geeks and nerds use Twitter. Geeks and nerds aren't allowed to be President.  The Constitution says so.  For reals.





#2. Google trends confirm Obama is "so hot right now" and has been for a year... Barack is way more popular in social media than John McCain.  He's certain to win the general election, because social media is such an accurate reflection of what most Americans think- right?




a lot of this boils down to the # 1 reason why seo can't help obama:

#1. He doesn't need it.

Disclaimer: I am for neither Obama or McCain at this point. This is a non-partisan, not politically motivated blog post! For reals!


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