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100% Uptime, No Joke! My Favorite Network Device

I wanted to share with everyone a brief look at my favorite network device, currently boasting 100% uptime for 530+ days!



It is our Buffalo Linkstation Duo NAS (network attached storage) that we use for non-critical data storage. Simply stated, it is the perfect turnkey NAS solution I've ever used, and it offers some great features that makes it a hands-off device in my world. Here are a couple of hightlights:

First, the list of options is quite robust and easy to configure and the web-based management client is clean and fast. (It even has a built-in media server for you home users!)



The drive configuration of the DUO line is RAID 5 with 2 built-in disk drives. You can expand this through 2 additional USB ports (not RAID), or you can mirror the entire box to another LinkStation for redundancy or distributed data access on your LAN/WAN.

The System Status/Drive Properties menu gives you access to a quick view of your drive usage for both the RAID disks and any attached USB disks.




We have some data that we'd feel better about having multiple copies of, so I plugged in a 1 TB USB drive and configured the LinkStation to backup a subset of the data over to the USB drive for extra redundancy.

Another nice feature, which really makes it a hands-off device, is the email notifications and you have several alerts choices to opt-in to.



There are many other features and options to look at, but the best bet is to head over to Buffalo's website and pick one out for yourself! You really can't beat the functionality, feature set, reliability, and price. (Our set up is sub $300.00.)




- Phil Spitze
Network Manager


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