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11 Coolest Google/Twitter Combo Gadgets and Devices

Lately, some of we Fuelies have become twitterholics.  That includes our CEO, and main designer guy, me, one of our programmers, my SEM apprentice...

I'm going to assume you understand why Twitter rocks and talk about where Google and Twitter intersect synergistically.

Here are the 11 coolest gadgets and devices I could find that combine two of the coolest internet phenoms, Google and Twitter.  And yes, I said cool three times already.

Twitter/Google Maps Mashups
TwitterMap - the most flexible and powerful of the three.  Gives you more control than TwitterVision.
TwitterVision - shoots you around the world in real time as people tweet.  More entertaining than TwitterMap.
GeoTwitter - shows how much cooler the other two are.

Search Twitter with a Google Custom Search
TwitterSearch - can add it to you Google homepage.

IM on Twitter with Google Talk
More of a how-to on using Twitter with GoogleTalk

Use Twitter Mobile-ly with Google talk
Access this link from your BlackBerry

Twitter Google Gadget
Twitter Gadget

Twitter Fan Google Gadget
A Way to Add Twitter to your Google homepage

Google Reader + Twitter script

If you use Google Reader...

Google Calendar + Twitter
Connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar

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