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5 Reasons to Stay on Top of Search Industry News

The world of SEO is ever changing.  There are best practices, but even those change over time as search engines improve and evolve.  What worked last week may be obsolete the next.  With this constant motion, how do you stay on top of things?  Although there are several traditional things you can do, like attending conferences and networking, the focus of this post is something that you can start right away: staying up to date on industry news.

Making a regular practice of sifting through industry blogs is a good thing.
1 - You can be on the lookout for the next big thing or new opportunities.
Stagnation can quickly kill any SEO effort.  By keeping an eye on what's going on, you can keep your SEO process up to date and stay on top of any changes that the search engines make.
2 - You can get a different perspective on how things work.
Maybe you've dismissed a certain tactic because it didn't work for you.  You could come across something that changes your mind.  One way to solve a problem is by tackling it from a different perspective.  When you see how others are approaching a task, it could spark new ideas for your own projects.
3 - It can make you seem like a genius in front your clients.
Clients like it when they feel like you know what you're talking about.  They want you to be the expert, that's why they hired you.  The more information that you consume the better prepared you'll be to field questions or make recommendations. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to throw out statistics in meetings.
4 - It can be a launch pad for networking.
Why just read?  Why not interact as well.  Commenting on the blogs that you're reading is a great way to make connections with others in the industry.  It can clear up questions you may have or give you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge.  Who knows, you could even make a friend out of it.
5 - Sifting through industry news is an exercise in discernment.
If you're just starting out, you may feel overwhelmed.  There are a ton of blogs that cover SEO in its various forms.  Start small, choosing only a few of the most important blogs to follow.  As you read and learn, begin to look for more.  Over time you'll begin to see who is respected and who is just full of hot air.  Just remember, 50% of the posts you read will be redundant, 25% will be irrelevant, 15% will have one small nugget, 5% will be very helpful, and the other 5% will be over your head (In case you were wondering, this one is helpful).

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