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AdWords Enforces Transparency, Fuel Interactive Already There

Google AdWords recently announced an update to their terms and conditions that will enforce more transparency in third party reporting.  What this means is that any company who manages your AdWords account on your behalf, whether it be an agency or a freelancer, is required to give you at least the following information: impressions, clicks, and spend.

car-salesman-funnyjpg-500x290.jpgWhat Google is trying to do is cut down on companies who say something like "Just give us the money and we'll handle it".  While this may work if you're hiring the mob to whack someone, it doesn't work when you have full right to see how your campaigns are performing.  There are more shady compaines out there that will take more than their fair share of your budget, or just set your campaigns and forget them.

Part of this is Google's own self-preservation.  When someone hires an agency that doesn't give full disclosure and the campaigns don't perform well, it reflects poorly on Google.  You may blame Google for the bad performance when it was, in fact, shoddy campaign management.  That's not what Google wants.  They want you to be happy and spend money which means they'll do whatever they can to make sure your campaigns do well.

Fortunately, we at Fuel Interactive offered full disclosure before Google decided it was necessary.  Our PPC reports are chock full of information including a full look at all important metrics from campaign, ad, and keyword levels.  We feel that by offering clients a 360 degree view of their campaigns, not only does it build trust and good rapport, it keeps us accountable and doing our best.  If your campaigns aren't performing well, we'll let you know that too, and work with you to develop better solutions.  Is it easier to take your money and run? Yes, but we don't just want your money, we want your business.  That means building a relationship.  And what's the foundation of any good relationship?  Trust.

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