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Aesop’s Advice for a SEO Campaign

SEO tactics seem to change on a monthly basis. There is no shortage of sites and blogs promoting some new SEO tool or a new SEO secret. Additionally, SEOers both wisely and pathetically hang on to every single syllable that Matt Cutts utters hoping to gain an edge on other search engine marketers in the industry. Some of these marketers have good intentions and others are seeking quick results for poor quality websites.

These exploitations have even caught the attention of the mainstream media. The New York Times is developing a reputation as the SEO police as they have recently ousted online retail heavy hitters, J.C. Penny and Overstock for questionable SEO tactics.

Additionally, many marketers and webmasters forget an important fact. Search Engines are constantly changing. Google is a living organism, constantly evolving and changing. Usually, these changes make the search engines smarter.

To me, these facts seem to suggest that over the long haul, search engines are going to figure out how to rank the highest quality sites for the most relevant terms. In other words, if your SEO service is promising you the fast track to a number one ranking, then I’d be willing to bet that even if they achieve that ranking, their success will be short lived. Do you really think that Google engineers are going to be forever fooled by worthless content farms and artificially created links?

At Fuel Interactive, our SEO process always includes the question, “Will this task provide real, lasting equity to our client’s site?”

We want ranking increases that will not last for 6 months, but for 6 years. That’s why we take excruciating pains to serve as a catalyst for natural link growth and high quality content generation.

Do I need to remind you who won the famous proverbial race between the tortoise and the hare?

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