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Inside 1705 North Oak Street

I’m the newest hire here at Fuel Interactive. I came from a journalism background and am now a part of the Internet Marketing team.

Coming from something totally outside of this field, there are a few things that struck me right away about the people who work at Fuel:


We <3 abbrev

During some of my first conversations with the Internet Marketing Team at Fuel, I caught myself nodding along as they talked about ROAS, PPC, CPC and more.

And then I had to ask the dreaded question at the end of the conversation that made it clear I had no idea what they were talking about: “What did you mean by ___ (fill in abbreviation here)?”

I don’t imagine this is something that’s unique just to us—a lot of people use “industry slang” – but I think it may come off worse from us since what we do and how we do it is hard to explain and our peppering of abbreviations doesn’t help.

So, if you’re talking with someone at Fuel and you find yourself nodding along while they spew out an alphabet soup of terms, politely interrupt and ask them to speak English.


FOOOOOD (and caffeine)

Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but when I saw the inside of the Fuel kitchen for the first time, I was blown away by the amount of soda and energy drinks in that fridge.

And then I turned around and almost got mauled by someone because I was between them and the fresh bread that was on the table.

Food, any kind of food, goes really quick here.

I brought in a dozen donuts on my second day and they were gone literally before I could send out an e-mail to everyone saying they were on the kitchen table.

We also have conversations about where we’re going to lunch starting right after everyone sits down at their desks to start their morning.

I guess we work up an appetite being awesome.


Smart, but dumb

The people here are some of the smartest people I’ve met and some can do magic as far as I’m concerned. But that doesn’t stop them from having face-palm moments from time to time.

From mangling conversational English to needing a GPS to get from the office back home, we all have had some moments that aren’t our best (myself included).

But laughing at ourselves and each other is part of what I think keeps the people here sane.

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