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Are People Opening Your Mail?

Most people begin everyday by checking their inboxes. Unlike the USPS, you can check your inbox any time, day or night, and as many times in day as you like. Most people don’t even check their ‘actual’ mail boxes that frequently.  E-mails have become the standard form of communication, and inboxes are the place to check for things such as letters from friends, advertisements, e-vites, and the dreaded cable bill. You never know what will show up in your inbox. But just like your real mail box, some items you open and read, and others you simply throw away. What is it that makes you decide which emails are keepers, and which are junkers?

The first item that readers see is the sender address. Mail from a family member, or a friend will surely get opened first. Mail from your local grocer, maybe later. Mail from CheapDietPill.com, maybe never. Make sure that your sender address not only accurately describes who you are, but does so in a non-threatening, casual way. For instance, instead of CheapDietPills.com, maybe try Affordable Weightless Solutions. Also, using an actually person’s name can make the recipient feel more attached to the sender. So better yet try, Renee from Weight loss Solutions. This lets the recipient know (or at least feel) like they are communication with an actual person, not just an entity. 

Second, the email subject line. People want to know what the email is about before they open it. Is it interesting? Is it time sensitive? Is it something that I care about? Craft your subject line to sound casual, friendly, and intriguing. Don’t give away so much that they don’t need to open the email, but enough that makes them want to learn more. Don’t over capitalize your subject lines, as this looks more headline- ish and less conversational. Also, if you subscriber list enables you to do so, a simple code can let you insert the readers name into the subject line to further personalize the message. However, do not overuse this tactic, as some people may find it intrusive. This can also be applied in the salutation of the email body.

There you have it – seems simple right? Remember to keep it conversational and people should be more receptive to your emails. Getting the open is half the battle, now which would you choose?

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