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Content is King…Sort Of


The idea that a website needs content is not a new one.  However, it seems that many people do not understand the value content can have on a website.  And not just any content; fresh, good, quality content can do wonders for a sluggish website.  
"Content is King" is something you will hear marketing people scream from the rooftops.   This is only partially accurate.  Content is king only if it is good, relevant, new/fresh content.  Google and other search engines are looking for authorities on subject matter.  By providing the content that users are looking for, in a way that is easy to discover, means you get the proverbial "gold star".  By that I mean you want your content to match what a user is looking for and be the most relevant/best answer.  Google's mission is to organize the world's information, so in order to rank better for your particular search terms you need to be the best answer or best information there is on the subject.
For example, if you type in "what to do in Myrtle Beach" there are 30,300,000 results that appear in Google.  No one is going to click through all of those results; however the sites that appear on the first few pages are going to be the winners.  Google has crawled through each of these and deemed them the best answers or explanations to my query for "things to do" and my location.  In other terms, these sites have proven, over time, to be the best, most relevant answers to this very simple question. 
The other key factor to great content is to always, always, always make it fresh.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that they have a website…the end.  In fact, having a website is just the beginning.  You need to have new stuff added to your website as often as possible in order for search engines to continue to come back to your site.  A stagnant site is the worst mistake.  Fresh content can be ANYTHING!  It can be blog posts, news stories, case results, case studies, reviews from customers, stories….anything that is relevant to what you are trying to accomplish.  Remember it doesn't have to be the works of Shakespeare…it just has to be good and relevant to your topic.  
Well developed content, new content, relevant content…these are the things you need to be doing for your website.   It is one of the pieces in the perfect trifecta of good SEO and good rankings.  Now…start developing your super awesome, fantastic content!

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