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Endless Fun PPC Advertising Case Study

Endless Fun operates four resort hotels in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

Fuel Interactive optimizes their pay-per-click advertising campaigns. 

Each resort has different amenities, specials, and price points.  Their goal is to maximize ROAS while acquiring new customers.


We started with a 657% ROAS average across five active accounts in January 2008.  We increased to 1552% in February; crept up to 1689% by April; then shot up to 2300% in May.  It's tempting to attribute this success entirely to seasonal interest, but statistical comparison to seasonal search activity refutes this theory.


The best explanation for these gains in ROAS is that the ad spend was optimized and new ads  were tested based on keyword and ad-level metrics.  As soon as statistical confidence warranted, keywords and ads with lower or zero ROAS were paused. 

Significant ROAS gains can almost always be found by testing new offers and copywriting in ads. We conducted three major ad tests: property facts vs. emotional benefits, partner discount offers, and percentage vs. dollar amount specials.  The most interesting finding is that the best ad approach varied by hotel property and brand vs. geographic focused keyword.

Although we have not verified this with data, compared to other clients, we believe key factors in this client's success to include:

  • A website we have often redesigned and modified that converts at a good percentage (above 1%)
  • Client-agency collaboration on ad copy,
  • New ad tests each month,
  • Good client-agency communications. 

A 30-60 minute meeting each month with the client makes a huge difference in the agency's ability to write effective ads and work in concert with the client's marketing campaigns in other channels.

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