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Fuel Interactive Announces Retro-Optimization to Drive Client Business in the Web 1.5 World

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – April 1, 2009: Fuel Interactive, South Carolina's #1 interactive agency, has announced a groundbreaking new service to clients to retroactively optimize online marketing campaigns.  The new service offering leverages technology from Archive.org's Wayback Machine, which delivers archived versions of older websites.

Retro Optimization by Fuel Interactive

The technology, the specifics of which are a closely guarded secret, is based upon updating the cached versions of older sites via a proprietary retro-posting technique on the popular Archive.org toolset.  By effectively posting a new content to a previously released site, Fuel Interactive has been able to break the real-time marketing ceiling, which has typically been seen as a insurmountable barrier in bringing product/content to market and on which Albert Einstein was working at the time of his death.  Now we finally have an offering that gives Fuel the opportunity to promote new products and services back as far as 1997, the date when Archive.org was launched" commented Director of Business Strategy Pete DiMaio.

James "Jim" Woodring, long time client of Fuel Interactive, was interviewed regarding the new service.  "I was initially surprised that development team at Fuel [Interactive] was able to offer such a compelling system.  After approving the process on my site I was amazed that the system had actually been up and running for three weeks by the time I returned to my office [three blocks away] and I had thousands of dollars in bookings, including a couple that had just completed their vacation and had already posted a positive review on Travelocity."

"We created retro-optimization because, at Fuel Interactive, we ask a lot of 'what if' questions and we're technologically innovative," said Fuel Interactive president Will McIntosh..  "We thought, hey, we've learned a lot about web design and development and SEO and analytics- what if we had that business intelligence for our clients 5 years ago?  Well now we do. Retro-optimization is a powerful technology, limited only by your imagination, and we can help you imagine more and newer ways to use it- in fact, we combine retro-optimization and multivariate testing and then we retro-optimize the best retro-optimizations to exponentially power your business forward."

Web 1.5, the previously undiscovered land between 1.0 and 2.0, ushered in with the launch of Retro-Optimization and puts control back into the hands of large corporations.  "The end consumers have had too much power for too long with web 2.0 and it's about time that [control] it's been given back to the faceless corporations that are running the show," said an anonymous CEO who looked a lot like Dick Cheney.  The genius of web 1.5 is that it gives consumers the ability to get their hands on new products and services after they undergone years of trial an error prior to their initial development.

Brian Carter, Director of Search Marketing for Fuel responded, "You may ask why then haven't we seen anything from say 2010 injected back into 2008?  Because retro-optimization will become illegal next year- so hurry up and order your retro-optimization services now, before your competition does, or did."  Brian continued: "While our Retro-Optimization is still in beta, we look forward to our clients having enjoyed the system in the upcoming previous years."

Headquartered in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Fuel Interactive provides all interactive services in-house through expert developers, designers and marketers with more than 583 years of combined marketing and Web development experience who understand the potential of well-done, effective online marketing.

Fuel Interactive provides clients a variety of services to create dynamic, individualized interactive marketing solutions that range from Web site design and Web hosting to such online applications and programs as search engine optimization, online media creative, Pay-Per-Performance and email marketing. The Agency provides clients with an easy, cost-effective way to tap into the online market without having to dedicate important time and internal resources to achieve meaningful results.

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