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How to Maximize Your ROI with Conversion Optimization: A Case Study

Conversion optimization is one of the most valuable tools to improve a site’s performance from the time it goes live throughout the entire lifespan of the site. Through a process of continual testing including A/B tests and multivariate tests, the sites conversion tools can be dramatically improved.

The Situation

Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday (www.golfholiday.com) began running an aggressive pay per click campaign to drive consumers to complete an online form for a vacation quote request. The form was effective, converting at approximately 5%, though no testing had been completed to determine if the form could produce superior results.

With a high volume site, such as this, even a minute increase in conversion rate would result in a dramatic improvement in leads.

The Insight

People don’t like to fill out long forms. If we could reduce the perceived length of the form we can improve conversion rates. Our plan was to implement a multiple phase A/B test. We would begin by testing just one or two variables and use the most effective form. Through this process we were able to isolate what factors improve performance.

Through the course of four A/B tests we were able to determine the optimal form layout, maximize conversion rate and gain a better understanding of how consumers interact with the site.

The Result

In the case of Golf Holiday, we changed the one column to a two column layout and were able to increase conversions by 7%. We then coded the form to hide optional content unless the visitor wanted to request specific information. Once again we were able to increase conversion rate another 20%.

The conversion optimization program for this form
resulted in a 28.4% improvement in success rate.

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The Facts

Conversion optimization can work wonders for any site regardless of the goal is to gather leads or generate revenue. In this example we optimized a request form, though optimization is also just as effective in improving the rate in which a consumer finds this form. Through A/B and multivariate testing the entire site can be analyzed and improved from the time the visitor enters the site to the time they complete a form or make a transaction. Thorough testing is the keystone to maximizing the success of an interactive marketing campaign and delivering the best possible return on investment.

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