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New Pay Per Click Advertising Articles

I got a gig writing Pay Per Click blog posts for Search Engine Journal, one of the industry's leading online publications.

Here are some of the recent ones:

Five Critical Pay Per Click Budgeting Problems

"Pay per click budgeting is not a topic I thought you could devote a whole blog post to, when I first started doing PPC in 2004. But I was wrong. Here are the five most important budget-related topics in pay per click advertising..."

Pay Per Click Budget Awesomization: How to Optimize ROI with Graduated Campaign Budgets

"Invest more ad spend in PPC campaigns that produce greater ROI."

PPC TLA’s: WTH are KPI’s?

"For some reason, internet marketing is full of TLA’s – Three Letter Acronyms. And TLA is my favorite TLA. One of those acronyms that frequently furrows brows in the conference rooms is KPIs..."


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