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AdWords 911: The 4 Step Emergency Fix for Dying AdWords Accounts

Jun, 07, 2008

 I thought it was interesting at SMX Advanced how much more attention was given to SEO than PPC, and how some of my social media/SEO friends knew little or nothing about PPC, so here's a start at some info for them:


Do you ever inherit clients' AdWords accounts?  They can be a mess, right?  Where do you start?

Wouldn't you like an organized way to sort through everything?

I'm building a quickly growing SEM department, so I spend a lot of my time mapping efficient SEM business processes.  One of these is how to take an AdWords account that's new to us and transform it into a shining example of the kinds of best practices that get stellar business results. 

Sometimes clients have been running an account for years in what we'll diplomatically call a very simplified form: one campaign, one adgroup, no match types, no conversion tracking.  They want to lower their cost per click because that's the only metric they can measure. 

So we start educating about better metrics, and we transform that account into an AdWords machine that can get optimal results.

BTW you may apply these steps to whatever degree to other PPC engines- Yahoo, MSN, etc. - but I'm AdWords-centric... Do I have to explain why? wink

The 4 Step Emergency Fix for Dying AdWords Accounts:

1.    Check Conversion Tracking

Is there any conversion tracking?  Is it adequate? 

This is the most important thing to do first, because you can't optimize without using a metric to optimize with... and CTR and CPC are not the right ones to use.  What should be your key performance indicator (KPI)?

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