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Interactive Planning

Dec, 11, 2007

Now that we're all in the middle of planning and budgeting for 2008, I've noticed that people tend to overlook the importance of a sound interactive agenda. It's not at all unusual to sit down with a client who has a detailed media plan that details every aspect of a campaign down to the tracking phone numbers and has a PR plan that has a list of the top ten stories to push but when we turn to discuss their interactive plan I typically hear, "We’re going to send a monthly email, keep our site updated and run some pay-per-click." Ladies and gentlemen, that does not make a good interactive plan.

A good interactive plan, just like with all marketing disciplines, is the first, critical step in ensuring success. When you have a firm plan with every strategy mapped out and every contingency identified, you'll have a better chance of executing the full plan than if you just have a few broad ideas. Typically clients pay a great deal for me to develop this plan, but if you're reading this you're about to get a blueprint to interactive success in 2008..

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