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Revolutionary New Pray-Per-Click Service from India

I saw the most astounding new service online today.

It hit me like a bullet in the chest.


PRAY-per-click Marketing!

From an Indian company.

It would be tempting to write this off as a misspelling by a company for whom English is a second language... after all, they're named "Win Softwares", instead of "Win Software".

But no.  It has to be more than that.

I can feel it in my BONES.  And that's one of my primary ways of apprehending truth in the world.  My favored epistemology, if you will.

PRAY-per-click marketing is an astounding, genius new offering from one of the most spiritual countries in the world.

Or do they mean Native American Indians?

Cuz American Indians are possibly even more spiritual than India Indians.  They pray and use rattles and smoke holy tobacco and do sweat lodges.  I know, I've done them, and the steam made me get intimate with the Earth- not just to ensure that my skin wasn't burned by the steam but because I was so spiritually moved.

But no, Web Softwares is in New Delhi, India.  Ok, no sweat lodges.

Regardless, I'm sure what they're doing is that they not only manage your pay per click campaigns, if it were me, I'd also have a genuine Indian (who is guaranteed not to be a 4-year-old chained to a heavy object) say a prayer for each and every click.

That's a prayer for every visitor to your website and that increases conversion rates.

Cuz God gives you what you ask for, like Santa.

I'm really looking forward to reading their whitepaper on how prayer increases conversion rates.

This is revolutionary.

Tell your mother.  The time has come to stop doing paper-clip marketing and start doing pray-per-click marketing!

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