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Social Media for Real Estate Professionals

I had the priveledge to speak on social media this morning front of a group of real estate agents from Century 21 Boling and Century 21 Barefoot, both Myrtle Beach real estate agencies.  My topic was an obvious one: Social Media for Real Estate Professionals.

I'll go into some details of the presentation here, but you can download the full slideshow at the bottom of the post.


Basically, social media has become mainstream and now is the perfect time to get started.  If you don't, you're missing out on the vast user base that these sites have.  Facebook alone has 500 million users and counting.  150 million of Facebook users are based in the US, with 50% logging into the social networking site every single day.  That's huge!

The other advantage to these sites is that the barrier to entry is extremely low.  At the basic level, these sites are free and require no prior experience to get started.

There are four steps that realtors need to take take in a successful social media campaign.


Social media can be a delicate process.  You're cultivating relationships with real people, just as you would in person and over the phone.  Take some time to get to know them.  Monitor activity and chatter using the following tools:


After you get a feel for the social landscape, start connecting to potential clients, other agents in your area, and even other professionals in your area.  Real engagement means that you're actively participating and giving to your community.  Post useful tips, interesting news, photos and videos that people might like, anything you can think of to engage in your community and start a conversation.  Here are some ideas:

  • Posts: homebuyer tips, seller tips, industry news/trends, how-to's
  • Photos: great views from a home, neighborhood amenities
  • Video: interviews with buyers/sellers, walkthroughs


After you become active in your chosen social community, start mixing in your marketing messages.  Keep a good mix of the engagement posts previously mentioned as well as the good stuff: listings, open house dates, testimonials, and area information.

Some useful tools for scheduling and managing posts for both engagement and marketing purposes are:


The last thing to keep in mind is promoting all aspects of your online presence.  Link to your social profiles and pages on your website.  Link to your website in your social profiles.  Every customer is different and the more expereinces that you can offer online, the better your chances of picking up a lead.

You can download the presentation here:

Social Media for Real Estate Professionals

Thanks again to Century 21 Boling and Century 21 Barefoot.



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