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Tales From an Internet Marketer


The Internet.  Being masters of the internet is inherent in my job as well as all those I work with.  That being said, it is easy to forget there are people out there that are still intimidated by it.  And, I don't just mean grandparents.  Because of what I do (as an internet marketing specialist), it is easy for me to forget that not everyone browses and interprets the internet like my co-workers and I do.   I have encountered lots of stories, young and old, of people that just get flustered when it comes to using the web.
Alphabetical Search Rankings?  Nope.
Take this one for example: I have heard from not just one person that for a long time they thought Google ranked search results alphabetically.  So if you wanted to be #1 you just had to have the title of your company or webpage, or whatever to be AAA Plumbing, or AAAA Computer repair.  Can you imagine the names of companies if this were actually the way search engines ranked results?  In reality Google uses a ranking algorithm that changes at least once a day, and sometimes more in order to rank things accurately and with relevancy.  This is why our jobs are important; we keep up to speed on what those changes are and how it affects our clients, and implement strategies in order to stay in the game. 
Online shopping…What?
Another good one is from a good friend of mine who did not understand what shopping on Amazon.com was.  She is a smart, ambitious, young woman and knew what Amazon was, she just didn't grasp the concept of buying things online.  It was just not something that she had ever done, and according to her, would probably never do.  This absolutely amazed me, seeing as if I could buy my groceries online and have them delivered, I totally would.  I can't stand going to the store and waiting in line for things.  (This might also be a personality trait….impatience.)  In our day and age, it still amazes me that there are those souls that don't embrace technology in the same ways that those in the "tech" world do.  
Evil Internet Thievery
And last, but not least, are those people who truly believe the internet is bad and if you bank online, shop online, or pay bills online that someone is secretly stealing everything you own.  Now, don't get me wrong…identity theft is a very real problem that affects many people.  However, if you are smart about what you are doing, then it is unlikely that your information is being stolen.  Banks, credit cards, and most online retailers use secure servers and secure checkout procedures to protect the consumer.  It is a matter of being aware of the sites you are using and protecting your own information.  
And…because we are tech geeks…some statistics for you:
Internet usage by Age
(source: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/itfacts/us-internet-users-by-age-group/10015)
The possibilities of the internet are boundless.  Because I absolutely love what I do, the internet is my playground.   It is always my first choice for information, learning, or just exploring.  For those that don't love it as much as I do, I hope you will give it a fair shot.  Each and every one of us started out knowing nothing about it or how it could help our daily lives.  Technology and change is inevitable; the key is not being afraid of it. 

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