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Using Pinterest for Business

Vision boards have long served as visual reminders of our lives, goals, decorating ideas, travel plans, or style ideas. Pinterest is a social community that takes this one step further. Here you can create individual boards for areas of your life and pin images from across the web. It’s much like bookmarking, only your boards are shared with the social community on Pinterest, where members can then comment on the images, or choose to repin them. If a particular member of the community is interested enough in a variety of the images that you tack onto a board, they can choose to follow that board. The idea, as Pinterest puts it, is to connect people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.

Over the past six months, Pinterest has steadily grown, and millions of pins are now added every week. Estimates put unique visitors for June at 866,112 visitors, with 3,033,745 total visits, as compared to just 6 months ago, when Pinterest received approximately 50,000 visitors in one month. While there are any number of reasons to build a board, many build them to save ideas from across the web for their homes, weddings, clothing, and travel experiences.

Because of Pinterest’s unique interaction with the social community, it also presents itself as an interesting marketing opportunity online. While Pinterest’s terms and conditions encourage staying away from self promotion, Pinterest could be utilized in a variety of different ways for businesses:

  • Travel Itineraries – for destinations, Pinterest offers the unique ability to tailor individual boards to an experience rather than a place. I envision this being popular creating vacation ideas complete with hotels, restaurants, and attractions geared towards a specific traveler type. Are you gearing up for a romantic beach getaway, or fun in the sun with family?
  • Retailers – I specifically have a board geared towards my own unique styling. When pressed, I’d tell you that I’m a romantic retro gal, and that I have a deep passion for one particular online store that fills the board completely. I can picture retailers “pinning” individual clothing pieces to boards to create a virtual “lookbook”. Pins also have the ability to note price, as well as link directly back to the item, which takes this one step further.
  • Planners/Designers – Pinterest offers event planners and home designers a techie way to get a feel for their clients unique style, as well translate their own planning/design style back to their clients, ensuring a perfect match in expectations. 

As Pinterest continues to grow, businesses should remain aware of the opportunities that may arise out of this unique community and the expansive, yet targeted approach to connecting with those community members. 

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