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Warn Google! TwitterSpam Memes Could Game Search Rankings

Wow I feel like I'm on the bleeding edge right now.  I was checking out tweme.com, which has only been around for three months, and I noticed a weird tag in the tagcloud that was getting a lot of attention, GoodPeople.  It's retweeting anything with the #goodpeople tweme tag in it- I don't know if this is an error, or a clever new type of spam.  

Whether it was intentional or not, someone could do this on purpose.  I call the phenomenon a speme (spam meme).  On tweme.com is that a bunch of links get created, and though tweme.com currently is not the most powerful website to get SEO backlinks from, arguably any backlinks are good, and these are not nofollow links.  The tweme creator might want to consider making some of them nofollows.

(more below about the Google implications after I throw out some new twitter words...)

Speme and Twitterisms
The speme word made me realize there's quite a bit of twitterism that goes on- twitterism is itself a twitterism- my word for a new word created in the twitterverse.  Here are some examples that I and others have contributed to urban dictionary:

These last three are new and may not be up quite yet:

twitterism.JPGSpeme Spam from Tweme in Google?
In any case, twitter is getting indexed quite well by Google, and as a whitehat SEO professional, I expect this will be gamed in some way by somebody quite soon.  The whole twitter API + programming leading to retweets plus lots of new twitter-related sites like twemes going viral and getting super popular in just weeks means a whole new crop of spam for Google.

Plus, all the twitterisms means a lot of new keywords that aren't tough to rank on.  It's the wild west again- lots of new keywords to mine!  Pretty exciting no matter what color SEO hat you wear.

In any case, the twitterverse is moving pretty fast- I can't anticipate how people might game it and spam Google, and I'm not going to try because that will just give black hatters more ideas!

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