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What’s So Important About Web Analytics?

Graph.jpgYou can read it on our company web site - "you don't know what you don't know."  That's the simple answer.  You may think you know something about your online performance, but without hard facts, you might as well (something here).

I recently suggested to a client in a website analytics report that they use an additional link in a particular email marketing campaign that would link directly to a golf package quote feature on their website.  They have sent emails promoting this feature in the past, but only linking to the home page. This very smart client followed the advice.  The outcome?

Here's where all the analytic data comes into play.  If we were to look at the data just from the email marketing campaign, it would appear that the email did not perform as well as the previous message did, which used nearly the exact same creative, minus the suggested link.  However, pulling in the web analytics data actually showed a 471% increase in the number of these quote submissions from the email with the additional link.  It was 715% more effective than the email without the additional link.


What is even better is the quality of those leads - there were several quote requests for groups of 16-20 golfers.  A round of golf ranges from $60-90...multiplied by 3 rounds of golf...multiplied by 20 golfers...well, you can do the math.  If only 1 group of 20 golfers booked from these submitted quotes.  Based on only 1 conversion, that's a 529% ROI on an email that appeared to perform slightly worse than the message sent without the additional link.

The lesson? 

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