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Your Audience Is Waiting: 4 Tips to Get Your Blog Found

Are you the only one who reads your blog? Are you tired of working slavishly to generate good content only to be rewarded by a measly two comments? I mean, I know that there are personal benefits to writing a blog, but ultimately you want traffic, you want readers... and if your content is good, people want to find it. Its up to you to be sure that your content gets found. So get on it! Your audience is waiting for you. zzaudience.gif

So here are four simple tips to boost your blog in the rankings.

1. Submit your posts to social bookmarking sites. Sites like Reddit and Digg are great ways to get the word out.

2. Submit your blog to blog directories. Some of my favorites are sites like Best of the Web Blog Search, OnToplist.com, and Super Blog Directory.

3. Ping your RSS feed. There are plenty of free pinging services on the web. My favorite is pingomatic.

4. Be sure to use interesting images and then place keywords in the "img alt" tag. With the increasing popularity of image searches in search engines, a good image is becoming an easy way to get some quick traffic.

So keep working to create and publish high quality, useful content. Then follow simple guidelines like these to boost exposure and traffic. Happy blogging!

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